Virgo Woman: Personality Traits, Love & More

Virgo Woman: Personality Traits, Love & More

Pisces Virgo Woman A Virgo woman is known for her spellbound beauty. But some of her traits can please or annoy people. What are those positive and negative qualities of a Virgo woman? Reading this article you’ll certainly sure about a Virgo woman-her nature, attributes, good and bad qualities and much more. One of the wonderful subject of interest is a Virgo woman. Her beauty is stunning like a pearl.

Understanding a Virgo Woman

Either they are magnetically attracted to you, or instantly repelled by your mysterious quality. You may appear to others as somewhat mystical, or secretive and difficult to get to know. There is a tremendous power to someone with this rising sign and others recognize it immediately.

An Earthy Passion. It’s not that the Virgo man and Virgo woman aren’t passionate together. This is an earth sign, after all, and both have deeply sensual natures once they are confident together. Their sex life is good, and important to both of them, but they can easily allow the passion to fade when under pressure from day to day life.

Laura Nowak – Updated April 27, According to the Astrology chart, Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs, though sexually this relationship may produce sparks, as a Virgo woman learns to forgo her cool demeanor with the affectionate Pisces man. These opposites promote balance in a relationship, so if they work with each other’s quirks they can make it last. Opposites have great sex. Meet Singles in your Area! Opposites Attract Virgo women may possess a cool demeanor, as they criticize about details and cleanliness and are always on the go.

However, inside these women also crave a deep intimate and sensual relationship, featuring romantic sex with a smart and attractive partner. Pisces men tend to be artistic, dreamy, charming and imaginative, and often tend to be loners. They are very in-tune to their partner’s needs and form almost a spiritual bond with her.

How to Attract Since Virgo women are known as practical and full of advice, catch her eye by asking her opinion on a problem you are having.

Important Things to Know When Dating a Virgo Woman

This sign has a reputation for being shy and elusive, but how better can a Virgo trust other than another Virgo? For the Virgo man and Virgo woman, compatibility is quite strong — but with a few reservations. A Relationship of Equals It goes without saying that the Virgo man and the Virgo woman share similar natures. They are both modest, a little shy, unassuming and happy to stay in the background. They both work very hard, and they are both practical, intelligent people who are expert analysts.

Aug 02,  · Understanding a Virgo Woman. Updated on August 2, August 23 – September Miss Virgo, the Virgin Maiden will make a great mother and wife. | Source. Dating a Virgo Woman. Your Miss Virgo is a hard working, organized, and picky woman. The Sun sign (the constellation the Sun was in at birth), the Moon sign (the constellation the Reviews: 8.

Incompatible signs are Gemini and Sagittarius. However, this doesn’t mean that Virgo can’t be compatible with these two signs. Sun sign compatibility gives us an overall glimpse into the world of astrological harmony between two individuals. However, in order to determine the compatibility between Virgo and other signs of the zodiac we need to take a deeper look. The Sun sign will tell you about your basic individual energy.

Compare it to your potential lover to see if it will flow or if there might be a block.

How to Understand Moon in Virgo Traits

By Patricia Lantz C. In fact, strong emotions that seem to come out of nowhere strike Virgo as irrational and downright frightening. Through this lens, it’s easy to see why some Virgo love matches fare better than others. Taurus Taurus is an excellent love match for Virgo.

I’m a leo female (sun in leo, moon in virgo, ascend/Gemini, venus in leo) I don’t care whenever i read that Leo & virgo is not actually best match, well.. i feel so confident that might be a.

Virgo women are drawn to those who dress like a million dollars. That means clean, well kept clothing. A Virgo woman will notice if there are stains and wayward food bits on your clothing. She will notice if the button is missing. She will notice if you hem your pants with staples. She will notice if your shirt is too small or your pants are too tight. If you want to impress a Virgo woman, choose your wardrobe carefully.

Virgo Love

Ones that are perfectionists with keeping their surroundings immaculate 2. Ones that are perfectionists on their personal appearance 3. Ones that are perfectionists about both. The one I am talking about above is without a doubt 2. You will never see him dressed sloppy or have a hair out of place, but his room usually looks like a tornado hit it.

Virgo woman denied my kiss, still hope? I am a male cancer sun with a virgo rising and an aries moon. For a few years I’ve been heavily crushing on this virgo girl, who’s got a lot of leo in her natal chart.

Before you make assumptions about what this woman wants based on her sign, try to figure out if she has the common traits of a Virgo. You can do this by asking her questions about her interests, her likes and dislikes, and so on. You can also do a little investigating and talk to mutual friends or check her out on social media to get a better sense of her interests and personality. Virgos are thought to be hard workers, straightforward, loyal, critical, analytical, practical, and kind.

A typical Virgo is less likely to be easily charmed or swayed by passion. Anticipate a woman who is far more practical about whom she dates. Notice if appearance seems to be important to this woman. Is her clothing immaculately tailored?

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo sign

Virgo Love Match Sign Compatibility Virgo, Perfect Service The mutable signs are adaptable, but with the earth element, there are certain physical requirements. Virgo is highly sensitive to physical stimuli and is often obsessive about taking care of his body’s needs. His dietary and health regimen can be strict, and he is fastidious to the extreme.

Scorpio Dating Tip# Just because a Scorpio chases you, doesn’t mean the Scorpio wants you. Before you give into a Scorpio man or Scorpio woman, it’s important to distinguish whether their chase is for sport or for keeps.

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Cancer Woman and Virgo Man

Virgo Love Virgo Love If there is someone who can deal with matters of the heart with staunch realism, practicality and idealism at the same time, it is your Virgo lover. Virgo man and Virgo woman make reliable and dependable partners, but when it comes to sentimental and cheesy romance that would sweep you off your feet, neither they understand it nor they try it. Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgo love nature is to indulge in intimate, one-on-one conversation with you in a calm and beautiful setting, which will not be flashy and flamboyant.

They also make wonderful listeners. A good conversation implies a good start in a relationship for Virgos.

Since the Virgo man often thinks he hung the moon; he may project fears and irritations onto others. This makes him somewhat judgmental when it comes to other people around him. He could be driving and decide that everyone on the road aside from him is a moron.

Astrological Soulmates Virgo Moon Compatibility: Discriminating, hard working and practical, you tend to rely more on your intellect than on your instincts , even in love. Being an earth sign, however, you are sensual and passionate — in private, and with the right person. Virgo Moon compatibility is not at all showy and is quite low key, but no less endearing for that. Because Virgo energies are so perfectionist, you do tend to be highly critical of anything or anyone who fails to match up to your high standards.

This can make Virgo Moon compatibility something of an uphill struggle for more free-wheeling signs , but those who persevere in trying to please you will reap the rewards in the end — you are a hugely supportive partner and will move heaven and earth to help your partner whenever you can. And although that critical nature of yours can become very annoying at times, you apply your criticisms just as much to yourself as you do to others — nobody could accuse you of hypocrisy, since you are your own worst critic.

Dutiful and Devoted If you were born with the Moon in Virgo, your dutiful nature shows itself when the chips are down. For this reason, Virgo Moon compatibility insists on a responsible partner who can join you in the hard work — or at the very least who will not object to you taking on all manner of duties which could have been done by someone else. Your loving partner, however, sees beyond the slightly hassled air you sometimes have, having taken on too much — they see the devoted heart underneath, and they adore and respect your willingness to make sacrifices.

A partner who takes Virgo Moon compatibility seriously will understand this, and will help and encourage you to enjoy hobbies, friendships outside the relationship, vacations and just plain down time. You do have a slightly obsessive personality when it comes to health and fitness, and relaxing your exercise and eating regime once in a while would be no bad thing either.

Moon in Virgo Characteristics & Compatibility

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